Brain Neuromodulation Clinic

We treat neurological and psychiatric disorders using modern, non-invasive, and painless hardware methods. We restore quality of life!

Brainspot Brain Neuromodulation Clinic

Treatment methods

The latest and most advanced technique for non-invasive brain stimulation
A safe therapeutic method based on the use of magnetic fields and electromagnetic induction phenomena to correct brain neuronal activity
The method involves stimulating nerve cells in the brain using weak direct current of low frequency, which is applied to the scalp
A scientifically grounded therapy aimed at improving attention, emotional state, and sleep
A promising method of non-invasive, safe, and painless brain stimulation used in the neurorehabilitation of patients with brain injuries and various neurological dysfunctions
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If you choose treatment in our clinic, the doctor consultation is free.
The cost of the consultation will cover part of the treatment course.
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