A non-invasive ultrasound diagnostic method for detecting the presence of pathological processes and changes in the structure of the brain.

The purpose of echoencephalography

Echoencephalography is most often prescribed by a neurologist for primary diagnosis in case of suspected brain diseases in adults and children, as well as in emergency cases to determine pathologies that threaten the patient's life. The results of the Echo-EH obtained at Brainspot allow to

  • detect volumetric lesions of brain tissue,
  • foci of hemorrhage in case of suspected intracranial hematomas
  • size and localization of tumors, cystic formations and foreign bodies,
  • purulent accumulations in case of suspected brain abscess.
  • Perform control measurements of the degree of intracranial pressure;
  • to track the dynamics of changes and causes of deterioration of blood flow in the cerebral vessels in case of suspected atherosclerosis, stroke, ischemia (oxygen starvation of the brain), etc;
  • assess the degree of cerebral hydrocephalus.
FAQs about Echoencephalography
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