Speech impairments
Many children experience temporary delays in speech development. Most of them eventually catch up to their peers. Others will continue to struggle with communication development.

A child with a speech disorder may have difficulty producing sounds, speaking clearly, or fluently.
Parents are delighted when their babies say their first words. But how do you know if your child's speech skills are developing properly?

Children learn to communicate at their own pace. However, certain markers can be used to guide a child's speech development. These milestones help medical professionals determine when a child may require additional assistance.
By the end of three months, your baby should be capable of:

  • Smile at your appearance.
  • Create cooing sounds.
  • When spoken to, either remain silent or smile.
  • Recognize your voice.
  • Make different cries to meet different needs.

By the end of six months, your baby should be capable of:

  • Make sounds while playing.
  • Babble.
  • Use her voice to express what she likes and dislikes.
  • They shift their focus to sounds.
  • Respond to changes in your tone of voice.
  • Some toys make sounds.
  • Consider music.

By the end of 12 months, your child should be able to:

  • Try to replicate speech sounds.
  • Say a few words, including "daddy," "mommy," and "oops."
  • Understand simple commands like "come here".
  • Know the names of common objects, such as "plate".
  • Turns to listen to the sounds.

By the end of 18 months, your child should:

  • Know the names of individuals, objects, and body parts.
  • Follow simple commands given via gestures.
  • Say up to ten words.

By the end of 24 months, your child should be capable of:

  • Use simple phrases like "More milk".
  • Ask one- or two-word questions, like "Daddy-daddy?".
  • Follow simple instructions and understand simple questions.
  • Speaks approximately 50 or more words.
  • Speaks clearly enough that you or another caregiver can understand at least half of the words.
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