we use
Children's neurology
and additional examinations are required in one place
Treatment at Brainspot
The treatment consists of a certain number of sessions, each lasting around 30 minutes. The effect is achieved through the system contacting the scalp or another area of the body, with zero invasion and pain.
Physical feelings
  • no pain
  • no need to shave the hair
  • possible itching
  • possible slight, short-term dizziness
  • short 30-minute sessions
  • not affecting everyday life
  • no need for hospitalization
  • can be done during your lunch break
  • the treatment takes up to three weeks
How the process takes place
at our neuromodulation center


We will determine your current condition, tell you more about our methods, screen you for contraindications, and, if necessary, refer you for further examination. You can book your appointment by phone or website.


Pre-treatment testing
Before starting the treatment, we will perform tests to determine the level of symptoms.


Treatment plan
Based on the results, we will schedule your appointments, determine treatment duration, method, body areas, and desired result.


The first half of treatment
We run a series of 30-minute sessions according to the plan.


Mid-treatment testing
This testing will allow you and your doctor to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. At this point, you may choose to continue or stop it.


The second half of treatment
We proceed with the treatment sessions according to the schedule.


Post-treatment testing
We assess the results of treatment.
Make an appointment
If you decide to undergo treatment at our clinic, you will get a free consultation.
The cost of consultation will cover part of treatment.

    Most frequently asked questions
    What does the treatment look like?

    The treatment consists of a series of painless, non-invasive procedures. Read more here, here, and here.

    No. We work according to the principles of evidence-based medicine. We use only those methods that have undergone pharmacoepidemiological research and are recognized by world-class professionals.

    We treat various disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems, including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. You can find the full list of diseases in the descriptions of the methods.

    The procedures do not require any preparation: you can eat, drink, and do your usual things, like every day.

    You can read about it here, here, and here. This is a non-invasive, painless procedure that does not require preparation and does not interfere with your usual daily life.

    Some patients notice slight headaches that can be treated with your usual pain relievers. You can experience minor redness and itching at the site where the device has been contacting your skin.

    You can proceed with your usual life right after the procedure.

    1. You consult our doctor on your problem.
    2. We check you for contraindications.
    3. You undergo special tests to evaluate your condition before the treatment.
    4. The doctor creates an individual treatment plan for you.
    5. Once you have undergone half of the procedures, we do another test to evaluate the progress.
    6. You proceed with the procedures.
    7. We perform the third, final test to evaluate the overall progress.

    The treatment typically lasts around several weeks.

    In different cases, different procedures may be applied. 

    A treatment course may include from 6 to 30 sessions.

    The procedures are performed almost every day.

    At the end of the treatment course you can achieve full recovery or remarkable improvement.

    To be able to measure your progress, you will undergo pre-treatment, mid-treatment, and post-treatment tests.

    In case the mid-treatment test reveals that the treatment does not bring results, you can stop it.

    The cost of treatment depends on your disease, treatment method, and number of sessions needed.

    To get an estimation, book a consultation with our doctor at +38 098 238 77 78.

    Yes, you can pay for the treatment as it progresses, or schedule payments. For more details, turn to the managers of the clinic.

    Our address is 127 Zamarstynivska St. (the entrance from Torfiana St.)